Nordic database of researchers in folkbildning


Tags – explanation

This s a list of the tags used in the database. To give an idea of the different research areas within the tags, they are here presented by using keywords.

• Culture and bildung
Keywords are: Crafts, art, literature, radio, cultural encounters, democratic skills, formation, dannelse (DK).

• Democracy and society
Keywords are: Civil society, populisme, citizenship/medborgerskap, equal opportunities, barriers to learning, samhällvetenskap (SE), sosial utvikling (NO), deltakelse (NO).

• Digitalisation and information technology
Keywords are: ICT and flexible learning.

• Documentation and evaluation
Keywords are: Benefits of folkbildning and participation, quality.

• Education and competences
Keywords are: Education system and policies, lifelong learning, social capital, language education, higher education, vocational education, competence/skill development, guidance, counselling, validation, prior learning, democratic education, basic skills, Efterskoler (DK), Daghøjskoler (DK), Produktionsskoler (DK), Ungdomsskoler (DK).

• Folk high schools
Keywords are: Folkhögskolor (SE), folkehøjskoler (DK).

• Financial focus and economy
Keywords are: State grants (SE).

• Health
Keywords are: Health promotion, disabilities.

• History
Keywords are: History of folk high schools and study circles, development of adult education, development of folkbildning organizations (SE), history of literacy (SE), opplysningstid (NO)

• Inclusion
Keywords are: Inclusion activities, empowerment, communities, prison education, gender

• Ideas
Keywords are: Philosophical and theoretical perspectives, existentialism, identity, ethics and religion, humanism.

• Labour market
Keywords are: Vocational education, work related learning, work life.

• Methods and development
Keywords are: Learning communities, quality in validation of prior learning, learning at distance, competence development.

• Migration and integration
Keywords are: Newly arrived refugees and immigrants, social inclusion, basic skills, norsk som andrespråk (NO).

• Minorities and interculturalism
Keywords are: Activities in specific urban areas, diversity, empowerment, voicing marginalized groups, space for minority cultures for youth.

• Older adults
Keywords are: Gerontology, old life skills, livsløpsperspektiv (NO).

• Organisational focus
Keywords are: Libraries, co-creation, partnerships, civil society, foreninger (DK), foreningsliv (DK).

• Pedagogy and didactics
Keywords are: Learning strategies, learning processes, learning tech, flexible learning, teaching, non-formal learning, informal learning.

• Study associations
Keywords are: Studieförbund (SE), aftenskoler (DK), Studieforbund (No).

• Study circles and courses
Keywords are: Studiecirkler (SE).

• Sustainable development
Keywords are: Agriculture, environmental collaboration, sustainable solutions, democracy and sustainable development.

• Thinkers and influencers
Keywords are: Historical development, Grundtvig, Oscar Olsen.

• Voluntary work
Keywords are: Value of voluntary work, voluntary organizations, civil society, social cohesion.