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Welcome to the database of Nordic researchers within the field of folkbildning.

Folkbildning – a certain form of the non-formal adult education sometimes also called popular education or liberal adult education – is the swedish term used to coin the sector and form of learning which shared by the nordic countries. The term in other nordic languages are folkeoplysning (DK), folkeopplysning (NO) and vapaa sivistystyö (FI).

Nordic organisations for folkbildning have carried out a mapping of research related to folkbildning through systemized search in relevant research databases from 1998-2018. The mapping included researchers and experts in research level productions. Research on a non-academic level (master thesis levels e.g.) have not been included. It has been a criteria, that the researchers were based in the specific country where the search was carried out, this meaning being affiliated with one or more universities in the Nordic countries.
Guidelines on delimitations and search words has been used, but the organisations also had the freedom to formulate the actual search words themselves and include/exclude perspectives fitting into their specific national contexts.

For more information on method, process and results see the publication "Mapping of research related to folkbildning in the Nordic countries".


The Nordic umbrella organizations involved:

Bildningsalliansen in Finland

Studieförbunden - The Swedish Adult Education Association 

Voksenoplæringsforbundet - The Norwegian Association for Adult Learning 

Dansk Folkeoplysnings Samråd - The Danish Adult Education Association 



The mapping was carried out in collaboration with national academic partners:

Åbo Akademi, University in Finland
Mimer, Swedish network for research on popular education at Linköping University
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU
Danish School of Education, Aarhus University.


The project has received funding from the Nordplus Adult programme.